FabDrone: The low cost drone developed with 3D printing

FabDrone: The low cost drone developed with 3D printing


A couple of innovations that do not cease to talk about have been combined: Drones and 3D printing. And it is that according to reports, Eduardo Chamorro, recently graduated in Architecture from the CEU San Pablo University, has opted – in the FabLab Madrid CEU laboratory – for 3D printing to develop the parts of a drone that he has called FabDrone.

This initiative by Chamorro, focused on his professional field and carried out within the 5th edition of the Fab Academy Program, has been in favor of reducing costs for the production of the specimen, specifically, around 150 euros; This is a significant figure, compared to the more than € 500 that -usually- are designated as the budget par excellence for projects like this one.

In addition to the reduction in costs for the production of this gadget -aspect that would be reflected in the price of the final product- it is worth mentioning that the FabDrone is very versatile, since for its transport the pieces can be folded (with this attribute they do not drones on the market).

Genesis and today of the FabDrone

It is worth noting that Chamorro had considered a way to collect information on areas. That is why it is currently in the process of getting the FabDrone to take flight perfectly, and then start equipping it with a GPS to evaluate the topography, an infrared camera to inspect the vegetation and various sensors capable of monitoring CO2 in a territory.