Entertainment The Best Short Jokes About the iPhone Today the boom that has ...

Entertainment The Best Short Jokes About the iPhone Today the boom that has …

Today the boom that the Apple house has had with the launch of iPhone phones is not unknown to anyone. It has everything, with nothing to envy to any other mobile brand.

So much so that even jokes have been taken from the phone brand, here are some iPhone jokes to get out of the routine and have you laugh for a while:

A man goes to the psychologist and says

  • Doctor, I speak alone, I don’t share with anyone, I don’t raise my head, people talk to me and I ignore them. What do I have doctor?

The doctor looks at him and says:

In some cases, social life is nil and you get distracted exclusively by the phone, here is another:

The groom tells his girlfriend:

  • My love Look! I have the new iPhone

The girl replies:

  • What a coincidence, I have a new boyfriend

Three hours later…

IPhone have managed to capture so much the world’s attention that even a joke example threatens world peace.

  • Apple announces “We have made a new iPhone, but we will only put 5 of these fabulous new phones on the market.”
  • And so World War 3 began.

Rivalry jokes

Even phone brands have their fans, so to speak, and there are even rivalry jokes:

A lady goes to the technician with her BlackBerry and says:

  • My cell phone is disgusting, nothing works
  • Yes ma’am, replies the technician, is that these phones came with a factory defect.
  • Yes? Which?
  • It’s BlackBerry.
  • What? You can’t change the part and that’s it!

The technician takes out an iPhone and says.

  • If I change that piece (he takes the BlackBerry) for this piece and gives him the iPhone.

Another rivalry:

In a room, 4 Samsungs are meeting playing cards and suddenly the iPhone 6 arrives, a few minutes later, the iPhone appears with the split screen. And one of the Samsungs smoking a cigarette and he says