HP extends its software support to iPads

DSLR Camera Remote HD, control your DSLR camera from iPad

The application DSLR Camera Remote HD from OnOne Software is a solution to remotely control DSLR cameras from the iPad interface, for this it is necessary to establish a Wi-Fi link between the camera in question and DSLR Camera Remote HD. There is also a version of DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone.

It is compatible with certain Nikon and Canon DSLR models, allowing adjustments to be made to the cameras without the need to physically touch the camera, among the settings it allows are: shooting mode, review of captured images, real-time viewfinder, shutter speed, white balance adjustment, parameter settings for video recording, exposure mode and a long etcetera.

OnOne software offers a free application that is used to create a server on Macs and PCs with which to facilitate the wireless connection between DSLR cameras with the iPad. To see the possibilities of this application you can visit the website of OnOne Software, while the application can be purchased from the App Store for 39.99 EUR (DSLR Camera Remote HD works with iOS 3.2 or higher versions).