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Double the RAM of your MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini to 32GB

memoria ddr3l 16gb

The arrival of the new processors Intel Core fifth generation, codenamed Broadwell, has expanded RAM memory support to an official limit of 16 GB for each SO-DIMM memory bank. In this way and as announced by I´M Intelligent Memory, 16 GB memory modules, with or without ECC capabilities for laptop motherboards or miniPC computers that use processors Broadwell with U specification, they can already be used to expand the amount of memory RAM systems. In this way, MacBook laptops, as well as Mac Mini, or computers Intel Mini NUC, can reach a RAM memory amount of 32 GB taking advantage of the two modules of type SO-DIMM that they usually offer on their motherboard.

Without a doubt, it is a great advance if we consider that in this format of RAM, the maximum amount of allowed has been 8 GB for years. As our colleague Gordon Mah Ung @Gordonung from PC World clearly reveals in his article, compatibility is guaranteed, using an Intel NUC5i5RYK device with Core i5 5250U inside. It is a motherboard that does not carry the soldered RAM memory, something essential to be able to undertake said expansion. Thus, two modules DDR3 / 1333 of 16 GB each offer us a total of 32 GB.

In the case of computers with four memory sockets of this type, which exist, the jump can be tremendously significant. If with the 8 GB modules we were limited to a maximum figure of 32 GB, with the new ones we can reach the value of 64 GB.

We have checked the store configurator Apple Store to check if these possibilities are contemplated, and at the moment the configurations handle maximum memory modules of 8 GB. It is expected that system manufacturers will gradually adopt this new capacity of memory modules. SO-DIMM to be able to opt for a higher amount when purchasing the new systems.