Devices How Many Pixels Does My Computer Screen Have? The resolution of a screen as well as the pixel density ...

Devices How Many Pixels Does My Computer Screen Have? The resolution of a screen as well as the pixel density …

The resolution of a screen as well as the density of pixels that is able to show directly influence how the user perceives something on the Web. First we must understand that although screens have a physical dimension generally measured in inches on their diagonal; This physical dimension does not necessarily determine the size of the item to be displayed on the screen.

Another factor that we must consider is the aspect ratio, that is, the relationship between the width and the height; Most modern displays allow you to render an aspect ratio of 16 to 9; that is, for every 16 pixels wide, there are 9 pixels high.

Older screens represented a less landscape aspect ratio, for example 4 to 3. Regardless of the physical size of a screen, it will be able to display content in a certain resolution.

Screen resolution is the number of pixels which can be displayed in width and height; Another important factor in content perception is pixel density; This refers to the number of points that can be drawn in a physical space.

Everything You Owe About Pixels

The pixel concept it has a special meaning for graphic designers; since it depends on the images we have on the screen do not look deformed fragmented or pixelated.

If these problems happen it may be impossible to work with it; This problem can have different origins, external monitors the first option that you must initialize the factory parameters by following the steps that I mention below:

  1. Press the button menu, select other parameters and finally click on valid factory settings your choice and see if the problem disappears.
  2. If the problem continues, disconnect the cable from your computer, the monitor will go into automatic test mode; if the message displayed on the screen is also distorted then it is a problem with the monitor itself.
  3. If the image is correct you can follow the following steps; first of all check if the resolution used is correct; on the desktop click the right button of the mousse and choose screen resolution
  4. At this point try different resolutions to see where the image improves, logically you should use the optimal resolution for your monitor.

How Many Pixels Does Your Computer Screen Have?

It is important to highlight the importance of the monitor of your computer when removing the data that is reflected in it; Either data, images or some elements that we want to print, it should be considered that as seen on the monitor it will also appear on the sheet

This is where the screen digital pixels and to know how many there are on our screen does not have much complexity.

If you have Windows, it offers you the display options to distinguish the lengths in pixels, and then proceed to perform the computations to know the total number of pixels.

You will only need:

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  1. Press the option “Start” in the search bar at the bottom of the menu; then write Write “pixels” .
  2. By clicking on the key “Enter“A pop-up window will open that says”Screen resolution”.
  3. In this case, take into account the current dimensions that appear next to the resolution; these numbers are similar to these 1366 X 768, in this case they are recommended.
  4. Then click on “Cancel” to get out of the window.
  5. The calculator tool is searched by clicking “Start” and in the search bar write “Calculator”.
  6. Click the key “Enter” to open the app “calculator“from Microsoft Windows.
  7. On the numeric keyboard type the dimensions mentioned above or those that are reflected in the resolution screen.
  8. Click (“=”) to perform the pixel calculations on the screen.