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David Tupman, vice president of iPod and iPhone engineering, left Apple in late 2011

david tupman, vice president of ipod and iphone engineering left apple in late 2011

David tupman may have abandoned Manzana, as reported by the 9to5Mac portal, which is undoubtedly a significant loss for the company was already responsible for the hardware engineering of the iPod and iPhone, two of the key devices in the current success of the company.

Although the news is not yet officially confirmed, his company phone number has been deactivated and he no longer appears in the company’s worker directory. Until now, David tupman He was working under the supervision of Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield, as he still appears on his LinkedIn profile.

David tupman has around 70 patents in your name They range from headphones, to battery power managers and other accessories for this type of device. It is not yet known what his destiny will be, nor who will be in charge of occupying the position he leaves in the Cupertino company. Steve Zadesky, vice president of design iPod and the iPhone, Y Dan riccio, vice president of iPad, they are the best positioned to fill their position.