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Curiosities How to Prevent the Thief from Turning Off the Stolen Mobile When our smartphone has just been stolen, we need to take action …

When our smartphone has just been stolen, we need to take action as quickly as possible if we want to have any possibility of recovering the device, and that is why in the following lines we are going to address one of the main tutorials in this regard.

We want to teach you, specifically, How can you prevent a thief from turning off your stolen mobile, since by doing so the chances that you can find it again are drastically reduced.

They stole my cell phone and they turned it off

The first thing we have to say in this regard is that, unfortunately, It is difficult for us to prevent our mobile from being stolenSince thieves almost always have enough skill to get rid of them without our realizing it.

For this reason, we advise all readers to try generate certain habits that allow them to take care of their belongings, especially in the case of smartphones that, as we know, are among the most stolen.

I don’t want my stolen cell phone to be turned off, what do I do?

As we mentioned before, from the moment the thief steals our mobile, then we will have less chance of recovering it because We will no longer have the information provided by the device’s GPS, nor can we call you, of course.

What we have to know in these situations is that, no matter how hard we try, preventing a cell phone from being turned off is impossible, first of all because sooner or later thieves will know how to do it since they are trained to do so. Even if we have locked it, many smartphones allow the battery to be removed, which will turn it off automatically.

In any case, it is precisely for this reason that we recommend that you take action on the matter as quickly as possible, considering that if you take the trouble to block the IMEI, you will get that at least that person who has stolen it, cannot sell it to get money from it.

Although it is clear that it is important that you take care of your belongings, our advice in this regard goes directly to always having the IMEI of the device at hand, and in case it has been stolen, contact the operator or distributor who has sold it to you, to ask you to block it, and so even though we can’t prevent them from turning it off, we will ruin their business.

Do you know what the IMEI of your smartphone is?