Cryptocurrency Thieves Put Bitcoins Savings at Risk

Cryptocurrency Thieves Put Bitcoins Savings at Risk


If you invest in cryptocurrencies you should be careful because bitcoin thieves They are lurking and your savings may be at risk. According to a recent study by Kaspersky Lab, cryptocurrency thieves They have started distributing new malware that can replace the user’s wallet address.

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly and they are increasingly attractive to criminals who are hunting our savings in bitcoins. The activity known as mining has been growing, affecting thousands of computers and generating a significant amount of money for criminals.

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The new Trojan with which cryptocurrency thieves They are putting at risk the savings in Bitcoins is called CryptoShuffler, its function we have already described, it is responsible for replacing the addresses of the cryptocurrency wallets of the users on the clipboard, which is a software resource to store data in the short term .

The practice of clipboard hijacking has been going on for several years, from there they are in charge of directing users to malicious websites and increasingly optimizing their practices to attack online payment systems.

To do operations with bitcoin savings, the person must know the identification of the wallet of the recipient of the cryptocurrency involved in the operation, it consists of a unique number of several digits and CryptoShuffler turns this aspect into a vulnerability to replace it with those corresponding to the attacker.

Its task once CryptoShuffler is installed is to monitor the clipboard of the infected devices to see the behavior of use of data for payment of the user and in the moments that they make copies of addresses of online wallets then they change the destination address of the transaction.

According to Kaspersky Lab the cryptocurrency thieves They have been successful in their attacks by stealing at least 23 units of bitcoin that are traded at this time for more than 120 thousand euros.