Cortana could arrive in the form of an App for iOS

It is not the first time this rumor has been heard about the possibility that the personal assistant transcends the Windows world to reach the mobile platforms that currently lead the market.

According to Reuters, it would come after Windows 10 is introduced, a system that will bring Cortana to the PCs of millions of people who use Android and iOS on their mobile devices.

Extend the reach of Cortana can result key for Windows users. To be effective, any digital assistant requires access to all kinds of information, including important data pulled from phones, such as location history and web searches.

Since most mobile device users do not use Windows Phone, this Microsoft move with Cortana makes a lot of sense. In addition, it once again demonstrates Microsoft’s new multiplatform vocation.

But the news about Cortana does not stop there and Reuters maintains that Microsoft plans other wizard enhancements, derived from his research project in artificial intelligence, called Einstein.

It is not clear what type of improvements are being proposed, but it seems that it is about contributing greater understanding of context within the email. Cortana already analyzes emails to find reminders, but it seems that the idea would be to add predictability and anticipate user needs, in the style of Google Now.

If Cortana comes to Android and iOS it won’t be the first time we’ve seen a digital assistant supplied this way. Siri was born as a standalone iOS app, and was later acquired by Apple, and there is also a basic version of Google Now for iOS today.