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Contest: customize and improve the interface of Skype for Mac

skype 5.1 contest

The arrival of the version Skype 5.1In addition to having improvements in the interface of group video calls, increased size in the sidebar and easier access to recently dialed numbers, it has brought with it a contest challenging users of the Mac OS X version of Skype to improve the Chat interface of said tool.

The contest consists of three phases, each one lasting three weeks. At the end of each phase, two winners will be chosen, one selected by the jury and the other by the participants. Therefore there will be a total of six winners who will advance to the final.

All of them will be finalists and will be eligible to receive various gifts, such as several iPad 2, CS3 licenses for web designers, an Apple TV, a Macbook Air, etc.

If you want to know all the information about this contest Skype you can do it from here.