Coloring Book Reveals Climate Change Facts

Coloring Book Reveals Climate Change Facts


Coloring can be very relaxing. Spending hours coloring shapes like mandalas helps to achieve that feeling of tranquility. This stream inspired Brian Foo, a data scientist who also works on climate change, to bring these two activities together into one coloring book.

Foo commented to The Verge, that this Kickstarter campaign seeks to make people understand climate change through reliable data and understand what is happening. All in one coloring book.

“A lot of the problems with climate change communication is that it is often treated as a belief: you believe in climate change or you don’t,” says Foo. “With this book, I’m interested in trying to get people to focus on data, information, science.”

In the 40 pages of this coloring book There are more than 20 activities with their explanation and respective reliable sources. In one of them, you can color the map of the United States that shows the carbon emissions from fossil fuels.