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Citymapper incorporates the Hailo taxi service

The integration carried out also makes it possible to see the best taxi route on the map to reach a site, with an estimate of the time used to cover it in a medium such as the car. It also lets you know how many taxis are available in the area and the estimated time for them to come and pick you up.

It is not the first time Citymapper add different means of transport to cover a route. However, the novelty now presented lies in being able to pay for the journey made. The agreement reached already benefits users in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as other world capitals such as London, New York, Washington DC or Boston, among others.

Hailo It arrived in our country at the end of 2011 and since then it is estimated that it has allowed the movement of more than 13 million passengers. The company was founded by three taxi drivers and three Internet entrepreneurs. The application for mobile devices is available both on the iTunes App Store as well as on Google Play.