Chrome How to Uninstall Google Chrome from Android I still remember several years ago when Internet Explorer was the browser ...

Chrome How to Uninstall Google Chrome from Android I still remember several years ago when Internet Explorer was the browser …

I still remember several years ago when Internet Explorer was the most used browser on computers. Little by little, Chrome has grown more and more since it was born and the enormous popularity of Android obviously helped it a lot to become the most used browser in the world. Although evidently Chrome It is the most used both on computers and mobile devices, on many occasions perhaps because it is not comfortable for you or because you need something else, even because you do not want to use it uninstall Chrome from Android.

In this article we are going to talk about just that, how uninstall Chrome from Android easily, so as not to break your head too much.

How to remove Google Chorme from Android

The reasons as I said can be several, if we are going to the case and if you have a low or medium range mobile, you have to take into account that Chrome consumes a lot of resources and therefore this means that in mobile phones that have little RAM, etc. It works in a very fluid way, so uninstalling it to use a lighter one is not a bad idea.

Luckily to do it is not too complicated and we will only have to go to the part of Settings, once we are there we go where it says Applications and now let’s Application Manager.

We have to go down in the list of applications that we have installed on the mobile until we find “Chrome”, Click on it.

The idea is that here we uninstall the app, the issue is that as you know it is from Google and is part of Google Play Services, therefore, it is impossible to uninstall it from the device unless we are root users. But it doesn’t matter because we can disable it completely. Which means that not only will we not see it in the list of applications, but it cannot be opened, nor is it in the background or anything. It’s basically the same as if you were uninstalled, so no problem, press on deactivate.

In this way, as you will see, we can uninstall Chrome from Android or deactivate Chrome from Android easily and in a matter of a few seconds.

Also in case you want to know how uninstall Google Chrome from my Tablet or SamsungWhatever the device, as long as it has Android, it is always the same way that we discussed above, the application menus vary a bit, but always within everything is the same.

How to Remove or Uninstall Chrome on Android

Of the most used browsers in the world Google Chrome strongly leads that list. A few years ago it seemed strange to us to think that Internet explorer that came by default in all new computers could lose the throne, but thanks to Android More than anything, Chrome started to eat up market share at an astonishing rate taking over the throne in no time, and truth be told, IE He didn’t have much to do, he doesn’t have much to do in front of any explorer, but that’s another matter.

Uninstall Google Chrome from Android

Now, if for some horrible reason in life you decide that you don’t want to have the google browser on your mobile device and you want to delete it, then we are going to show you exactly how you should do it. After all if we are going to be carried out it consumes a lot RAM both in its mobile version and in its desktop version, which is why a server uses Opera, for example.

To uninstall or remove Chrome We are only going to have to go to Mobile Settings, once we are there we go to the Applications section and then we select where it says Application Manager.

Once there we have to go down until we find the application in question that we want to eliminate, in this case it will be Chrome. We press on it and as you will see we will not be able to uninstall it from our device.