China already has its delivery robots

China already has its delivery robots


When will a robot steal your job? It’s hard to know, although we do know what are the jobs in which a robot will never take our jobs, but merchandise delivery is not one of these Professions: The platform is always looking for a way to innovate in its deliveries, so it has not only automated all its plants and delivers to rural towns with drones, but now delivers packages with delivery robots.

Recently, these robots can be seen on the streets of some cities in China that can transport up to 30 packages with them.

In total there are about 20 robots of this type that roam the streets of cities like Beijing transporting packages to be delivered to their owners.

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According to the report that Xinhuanet, each of these delivery robots can travel the cities to the destination of the package at a speed of up to 15 kilometers per hour.

The process for delivery by the delivery robot It’s very simple: Customers are alerted by a message from to pick up the package to where the robot is, and the robot delivers it after making the corresponding facial recognition using a code or an application for the mobile phone.