10 tricks to save battery on your mobile

Charging your mobile with your clothes could be a reality


Imagine this scenario: Your smartphone is about to turn off due to lack of power and you do not have a charger on hand, only what you are wearing … That is, your clothes. Literally. So you decide charge the mobile by friction And, as if by magic, you have enough battery to keep using it. Although it seems hard to believe, this possibility could become reality.

It turns out that a group of scientists from the University of Southeast China have used a material capable of generating energy on hard surfaces such as ceramics in other more malleable ones that can be applied in electronics, such as a microchip.

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The results of this research have been published in the journal Science, where they explain that the use of perovskite, a chemical structure that is being studied for the production of solar energy at low cost, could be used in the technique of piezoelectricity, polarization electrical in a substance.

In this way, make possible the use, in the perhaps not too distant future, of charge the mobile with your clothes… How about?