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Bose Videowave, display with multi-channel sound and dock for iPod or iPhone

bose videowave
Bose has introduced a system to revolutionize home entertainment, the Bose Videowave and combines, under the guise of a 46 “television, all the necessary elements to enjoy any audiovisual content.

The 46-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 1080p, and integrates a sound system with several amplification channels and a set of invisible speakers. Next to it, a central control console and a remote control with click pad to move quickly through all functions without taking your eyes off the screen.

Bose Videowave You don’t need external speakers, not even for the bass, because to reproduce these frequencies, a cluster of six high-performance woofers has been coupled to a powerful acoustic waveguide from Bose. While to offer surround audio, a set of seven speakers and a digital signal processor are used, so that the sound leaves the screen and goes to different points in the room without the need for external speakers.

The console that accompanies the Bose Videowave connects to the display with a single cable and allows the connection of up to five high definition sources. It also has a dock for iPod or iPhone. Among its outstanding functions is the possibility of deactivating the image to listen to music without wasting energy.

Bose has also designed a remote control with a click pad that allows you to handle any content with the touch-slide-press method, thanks to its touch control that activates the appearance of all the sources and applications available on the screen, surrounding the image to avoid overlap.

The system Bose Videowave It is priced at EUR 7,499, which includes the removable desktop stand, home delivery, system configuration, connection of other entertainment equipment that the user wishes, and audio calibration to adapt the sound to the room where it is locate.