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Beware of public Wi-Fi

Thus, Kaspersky reminds users of the need to take into account “the amount of information that is sent and received through this type of public network, including personal data such as passwords, user names or financial information” . Furthermore, the firm emphasizes that ” public Wi-Fi networksare not the best alternative “, but rather” the best option is to use a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) “, although” many administrators of public Internet connection services block this access to ensure that their network will not be used for malicious ”.

In case these networks are blocked, the alternatives are to use an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (https) connection, or a wired Ethernet connection instead of a WiFi connection.

Kaspersky Lab recommends that if you are connecting from a public place “it is better not to use electronic banking or electronic payment services as this data is the main target for criminals.”

Also, another point to keep in mind is that hackers can create an access point with an identical name and a signal strength higher than the official one, users can end up selecting this fake access point to access with their devices. ” It is enough for the hacker to quickly fabricate a login page and launch a man-in-the-middle attack. “