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Best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives)

Best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives). Since computers came into our lives and the various text presentation formats became present, the PDF reader par excellence has always been Adobe Reader. It is almost always the program that is installed on our PC and even on our mobile devices to access files in this format.

But is Adobe Reader the best PDF reader program? It could not be said that it is the best or the worst, but it has characteristics that put it at a disadvantage, compared to other programs created for the same purpose. Best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives)

Adobe Reader is quite heavy, many times it even becomes slow to load files and even stops responding. One of its great advantages seems to be that it is free; however, there are other free PDF reader programs that are lighter, simpler, and with other features that Adobe Reader does not offer.

Best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives)

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Nitro PDF

This PDF viewer is one of those that tops the list, cataloged as one of the best and that has been a strong competition for Adobe Reader.

Nitro PDF is an application for creating, editing and viewing PDF files that stands out for its ease of use and its spectacular interface. Nitro PDF is very simple and practical to use, with similar functions to other programs. Its characteristics and functionalities include:

  • Allows you to create PDF documents from scratch.
  • It has an interface very similar to Microsoft Office.
  • It allows the conversion of PDF files to Word and vice versa.
  • Provides the ability to highlight and comment on the PDF documents you view.
  • The documents created in NITRO PDF are compatible with any other reader program.
  • It allows the incorporation of a free digital signature, as well as the possibility of exporting the images of the original files.
  • It can be downloaded in a free version or in a paid version.

Foxit Reader

Another best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives), Foxit Reader is an excellent program for reading PDF files. It uses few resources and offers many functions, among which is the possibility of saving documents in the cloud. Foxit Reader is an alternative to the popular Adobe Reader for reading PDF documents. It is light and very fast opening files of this format.

Foxit Reader allows you to add notes to all the pages of the document, in addition to viewing the PDFs in a simple text format, without graphic elements. It is even possible to export all the content in TXT format. Finally, during the installation phase, the program allows you the optional installation of a plugin to integrate it into Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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PDF X-Change Editor

This other best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives), also scores as an excellent substitute for Adobe Reader. In appearance, it is quite similar to Nitro PDF. It has two download versions: one free and one paid; Either one gives you what you need to access your PDF documents.

In the free version, it offers you options beyond viewing, inserting or extracting pages from the original document, but it also has a feature (called OCR) that allows any printed document that is scanned to be saved in PDF format.

SlimPDF Reader

Another best PDF reader and editor (adobe reader alternatives), this program has a fairly obvious feature: it is super lightweight (it weighs less than 2mb). According to its developer, SlimPDF Reader is the world’s smallest desktop PDF reader at just 1.43MB. It’s certainly much smaller than the industry standard Adobe Reader, and it runs much faster, ideal for simple tasks.

It is a very simple and basic PDF reader available for Windows. There is only one version and it is free. Its functionality is summarized in being a PDF document viewer reader. Navigation in SlimPDF Reader is clear and simple, and its tiny size means that it makes sparing use of your system resources. Its more advanced features are the ability to search, print and rotate PDF files, but sometimes that’s all you need.

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