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Bento database for Mac and iOS exceeds 1 million copies sold

bento database for mac and ios exceeds one million copies sold

And it is that the possibility of synchronizing the data of our personal database in our Mac, iPhone Y iPad have made the tool FileMaker, Bento, become one of the most popular for these tasks in the environment Mac and iOS.

According to Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, “The elegance of Bento is the one that has allowed us sell more than a million copiesBecause we know the needs of a wide range of users, from farmers to dentists and from personal trainers to rock bands. With Bento in you iPad, iPhone or Mac it is very easy to organize your contacts, the status of your projects, plan events and manage almost anything. “

Bento for Mac is available in the Mac App Store by 39.99 EUR Y Bento for iOS it is in the App Store for a price of 3.99 EUR.