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Autodesk Motion Fx free on the Mac App Store

Autodesk Motion FX It is available only for Mac OS X Lion users, it is free and easy to use, it allows users to experiment in real time with various types of special effects to the movements captured by the Mac’s FaceTime camera. At the same time it includes technology facial tracking.

As Samir Hanna, Autodesk Vice President of Consumer Products, has stated:

“The application Autodesk Motion FX makes it easy and fun to create kinetic works of art using just the built-in FaceTime camera. The application allows you to play with the dazzling effects that come from a hand or from the eyes, transforming direct movements into works of art ”.

In addition to predefined effects, it offers five possible operating modes:

  • Motion detection: the effects follow the movements picked up by the camera.
  • Color detection: the effects are applied to a video color, live, being selected by the user.
  • Face detection: the effects are emitted by any face visible to the camera.
  • Paint effect: creating a live effects tour with the Mac’s own mouse.
  • Video Warp: users can realize warp effects in real time.
  • At the same time, you can apply the effects on the image taken by the camera, take image captures, etc. Autodesk Motion FX, is free, is available from the App Store and works on computers with the Mac OS X Lion operating system