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Asus ZenWatch joins the list of watches with Android Wear

The first smartwatch from the Asus company can now be reserved and purchased in our country at a recommended price of 229 euros. It is a classic model that tries to maintain the finishes of traditional watches, but adding the real value of smart watches and their possibilities when synchronizing with the smartphone. The AMOLED screen is 1.63 inches with glass protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It also uses a leather strap in various colors, with the possibility of exchange for any other thanks to its standard format. ZenWatch carries the Android Wear version and, aided by its various sensors, it allows collecting information on heart rate, steps taken, as well as physical activities performed daily. Another series of integrations made by Asus are ZenUI, Unlock My Phone, Cover to Mute and Find My Phone to unlock the terminal or locate it remotely. We can also use Asus Remote Camera and Asus Remote Link. The 1.4 Wh battery is charged through a micro USB connector and its weight amounts to 75 grams.