Artificial intelligence for skin care: The masks arrive ...

Artificial intelligence for skin care: The masks arrive …


Technology is at the service of many aspects of daily life, we find it in health, education, transportation … but we also see it in beauty, for example with Foreo smart mask who has built-in artificial intelligence, her name is Luna fofo.

The Foreo smart mask It has the ability to analyze each section of the face due to the fact that it incorporates sensors that are connected to an app on the mobile that provides the user with a detailed and individualized profile, including their initial skin type or skin age, as well as other related data with the state of the face.

Foreo Smart Mask: Features

The Foreo smart mask, Luna fofo, is a professional service without leaving home. With the Foreo For You application, it presents personalized cleaning routines adapted to the specific needs of each person.

The application is combined with the smart mask, to use the advanced smart beauty trainer. The Foreo smart mask It is an adapted silicone brush that allows you to clean the face, on the back it incorporates two gold plates in which are the sensors that analyze the skin and send the results to the app.

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After skin analysis, the smart mask automatically creates a custom T-Sonic pulse program that syncs directly to your device to then start the facial cleansing process.

The Foreo smart mask It is fully waterproof, uses two replaceable AAA batteries and is made of ultra-hygienic silicone. To use it, simply download the app and synchronize it with your mobile by pressing the ON button for a few seconds and it will automatically pair.

Regularly the Foreo smart mask will analyze the skin to readjust the cleaning and care program as the face improves.