Apple sells more iPhones and iPads but falls in profits

Aquafadas, convert InDesign designs into applications for iPhone and iPad

aquafadas digital publishing for mac

Aquafadas ensures that, using its plugins for Adobe InDesign, designers can easily create complex interactive publications, including videos, slide shows, sound and HTML5.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing includes plugins for InDesign, a tablet simulator called MyKiosk, the generator of Applications AVE AppFactory, and the AVE Publishing website for managing publications.

AVE AppFactory allows users to generate Applications customized for iPhone, iPad and ipod touch without having to write a single line of code. The publishing portal of Aquafadas, AVE Publishing, is designed to make it easy to publish and manage your Applications and manage its contents.

Aquafadas It does not charge for the use of its creative tools, unlike what happens with other companies like Adobe, and there is no need to pay for its download. When a application and its content is ready, users will be able to purchase the certification of the application and your publishing license, both just once and for a lifetime, no more strings attached. Prices start at EUR 100 per application and the 280 EUR for the publication.

Tools are now available Aquafadas for InDesignCS5 Y CS5.5 for Mac. Android and Web versions and Beta for Microsoft Windows will be available soon.