Los Mejores Programas Para Cifrar un Documento de Tipo PDF en 2019 1

Applications The Best Programs to Encrypt and Encrypt PDF In both professional and study environments, we know that documents …

In both professional and studio settings, we know that PDF-type documents are extremely common, and we usually incorporate a huge amount of important information in them, so they should be protected.

The truth is that in many situations, when we send these documents through social networks, email clients or other platforms, we may be risking them being accessible to unauthorized users or hackers.

From that, our intention in the following lines is to teach you some simple programs that will allow you to encrypt the contents of your PDF files, a really interesting question to be calm when you share them.

The best free programs to encrypt PDF documents

Vibosoft PDF Locker

In this case we are talking about one of the most efficient file protection systems that exist, one that is capable of taking care of each of our important content. Its advantage is that we can use a password, so that only those people that we are interested in can access the content. In addition, perform an encryption of three types of algorithms, which makes it practically impossible for it to be violated.

If you want to know more details about it, you have to know that the algorithms in question are AES 128 bit, RC4 128 bit and RC4 40 bit. As for the password, it is specially developed so that in no way can it be violated by a specific program developed for it.

And a detail that we especially liked is that it even allows us to print the documents ourselves or others, but without the ability to edit them, so that you are completely sure that they do not suffer changes during the process.


Another platform that guarantees optimal protection of all PDF files or files of another format that interest us. It works on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, without losing sight of the fact that it is committed to restricting files to unknown persons, as is logical.

An interesting aspect of this application is that in addition to encryption, it has editing tools that allow us to modify many of the aspects that make up this content, among which we can mention images, pages, color, fonts, etc. And if you don’t want anyone to steal that content, you also have the possibility of adding a watermark to it.

Other important features of this software capable of encrypting documents have to do with the fact that it is possible to transform content originally found in other formats into PDF, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even images. To that we also have to add that it works faster and more efficiently than other similar programs.


Another famous tool designed and oriented to the encryption of content in Windows, which of course can be adapted to PDF files. About it we must say that it has the peculiarity that it also allows several files to be joined in a single document in this format, as well as adding watermarks to documents with texts or images.

A curiosity of this application is that it works like a printer, so it does not have its own interface, although that also means that its weight and consumption of system resources is less than average.

Safeguard PDF Security

In this case we are in the presence of a system that has been developed to control access to different content, although it does not allow copying, modifying or printing the texts. If you want to be completely sure that nobody does anything with your PDFs, it may be a good option.

Adobe® Acrobat® Pro XI

This time we are in the presence of a software specially designed for users who work with really important information. Not only does it allow you to create or edit the content you want, but it also offers you multiple protection tools. The only problem it has is that it has not been updated for several months, so over time it could become obsolete.