Applications Download Facebook For a Slow PhoneMany people refuse to change their old mobile device anymore ...

Applications Download Facebook For a Slow PhoneMany people refuse to change their old mobile device anymore …

Many people refuse to change their old mobile device as it continues to work. At other times, the economy does not directly allow the change for a new device. The truth is that it is not necessary to change the device but it is strictly necessary.

In case you use your phone for WhatsApp and social networks, the need for a change is not urgent and more when you can download lightweight apps to be able to use it on your slow or old mobile phone without any kind of problem.

Facebook for an old phone

Even though many mobile devices are a few years old they are still working. That’s the magic of Android as many devices that are more than five years old can still fight today.

With applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to give a few examples. However, the hardware features of these devices are quite poor compared to today’s low or mid-range.

The applications are updated and new functions are added and if the hardware does not accompany, little by little the apps start to work slower, making the device itself slow.

Facebook for old cell phone

Luckily, the most popular social network has launched a version of Facebook designed precisely for those people who do not have a new or mid-range or high-end mobile device.

The application is called Facebook Lite, is official and is an alternative to Facebook. To be able to enter this social network from a considerably lightweight app that not only consumes very little storage space (less than 15 MB) but also consumes less battery and mobile data.

The best of all is that said application works seamlessly on different devices no matter how old or the range of devices. It is an ideal app for old cell phones and also for those who want to have the social network to look at from time to time but who do not give much importance to it.

You can download Facebook Lite from here. Keep in mind that this application does not have certain functions that the original does. This is more than evident because so that it weighs much less and consumes less, a few options were taken away.

Also the quality of the photos is reduced, although it is not noticeable at all. Live broadcasts do not work with the Lite version and little more than that.

In case you are also using Messenger. There is a light version of the Facebook messaging app called: Messenger Lite and you can get it in the Play Store. A official and lightweight alternative to Messenger which works on any device no matter how old it is.