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Apple What is it and How to Use Apple Hardware Test Every time we buy an object like a cell phone or a …

Every time we buy an object such as a cell phone or a computer, we worry that nothing happens to it and that it is kept in the best possible condition; For this, many of us choose to carry out some type of maintenance every so often.

Manzana great care was taken in designing their computers known as Mac, which have great capacities and rarely present failures. These machines allow you to easily and simply carry out a study of how the hardware from your PC.

This option allows users to detect for themselves if some physical component of the system (also known as hardware), presents a fault and in this way take the necessary measures.

Being available to anyone who owns a Mac, knowing how to use the Apple Hardware Test is a useful tool to keep your computer in optimal conditions.

So, below we are going to offer you in detail how to use this implement, which I assure you will be as simple as typing the letter Ñ on an English keyboard.

Performing Maintenance

Before we start we must know what is the version of the operating system that our computer has, since the process is different depending on how updated your version of IOS.

It should be noted that the solutions that we will present below are subject to the equipment that was acquired before the month of June 2013, this because from that moment the diagnostic system changed.

This process is available not only for computers but can also be done on laptops or laptops from ManzanaIn the same way, we will have to check the version of the operating system.

Hardware Connections

First we will have to disconnect any external device to the equipment to be reviewed, the only devices that can be connected during the scan should be the keyboard, the mouse, the screen and the Ethernet adapter. By the way, if you can’t connect to a WiFi network, surely our article on how to connect to an Internet network with Mac will help you?

At case of a laptop, We will have to carry out this process with the laptop connected to a power source through its charger and that it is well ventilated, since its temperature can rise considerably.

Computers with OS X v10.7 or Later

What we will have to do is start the equipment as we would any day, only when it is turning on, we must press the “D” key during startup, all this before the gray screen appears.

If you did the previous step correctly, the screen will show a computer icon while it configure the program.

After it loads, the system will ask you to indicate the language in which you want to work and it will ask you what type of exam you want to take, you can choose between a “Test” of basic tests or a “Extend Test” which will perform a more thorough scan.

This will take a while to collate all the data from the hardware but at some point it will show the result of how our system is, to exit this we will have to press the restart or shutdown buttons.