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Apple victim of malware attacks

Manzana has confirmed to have been the victim of a malware attack against its systems. It would have affected a small number of systems within the company, but without company information being compromised.

The malware attack has been carried out by exploiting a vulnerability of Java, specifically a plug-in present in browsers, as reported Manzana in a statement issued by mail.

Similarly, the company stresses that there is no evidence that confidential information has been stolen. Manzana is working with law enforcement agencies to locate the source of the malware. From the first moment, the company proceeded to isolate the infected computers from the network, in order to avoid greater evils.

Everything seems to indicate that it is the same malware that days ago attacked the social network Facebook. Since Manzana they highlight the fact that they are working on a tool that allows scanning Mac computers and removing malware Java. Since Oracle report that they have already released a new Java update that resolves this vulnerability.

Security-related issues are what encourage Apple not to add Java to its operating system, which by default is something that happens in Mac OS X Lion. However, users can install it independently. If Java is installed, it will automatically be disabled if the plug-in has not been used after 35 days.