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Apple updates macOS, iOS and iPadOS with interesting news

Apple has just released updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Among the novelties we find new features of the News app, the possibility of unlocking some BMW cars and a new way to add symptoms in the Health app.

Obviously, and how could it be otherwise, the apple company has also taken the opportunity to introduce some improvements in the security of macOS, iOS and iPadOS. We review the most outstanding news below.

MacOS update

macOS Catalina has now arrived version 10.15.6, which brings solutions to some bugs and improvements in performance such as a streaming Enhanced HDR for longer battery life for MacBooks.

Changes have also been made to the News app, such as more personalized results tailored to your personal interests. Local newspapers and the new podcast have also been added to the US version Apple News Today.

According to Apple, there is also a new option to optimize video playback on Mac notebooks, as well as changes to the HDR that will make it compatible with improved MacBook battery life.

This update should also fix a bug where the computer name changes after an update for software. According to Apple, it also fixes an issue where certain USB mice and trackpads they disconnect.

On the other hand, there has been a security update (2020-004) for macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave. Although Apple’s list of new features is short, the installation file for both (1.68 GB for Mojave and 2.11 GB for High Sierra) seems too long for only minor changes.

IOS update

Apple has also updated the iPhone operating system to iOS 13.6 and introduced a new digital car key function to its smartphones. However, you can only take advantage of it if you have a new BMW 5 Series.

The digital car key can be shared by iMessage and it should work even if your iPhone has been turned off because you have no battery. Apple has promised that there will be more CarKey-compatible models soon.

As with macOS Catalina, the News app for iOS also introduces new features. This is the case of the audio versions of some Apple News + stories, while the editors of the service also offer an audio summary of the news of the day in Apple News Today.

On the other hand, the Health app brings a new category to collect symptoms. For example, they can now be entered directly from an electrocardiogram. Apple also promises that it has introduced stability improvements and fixes for previous bugs.

IPadOS update

There has also been an update to the iPad operating system and Apple has released version 13.6. This offers the same new features as iOS 13.6 except for the digital car key. These include improvements and fixes to previous bugs.