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Apple to implement its renewable energy program in Japan with photovoltaic islands

The Apple’s commitment to renewable energy It is well known and recognized throughout the world. Therefore, after having developed its clean energy program in 23 countries, it is Japan’s turn.

A couple of days ago we knew that Apple and component supplier Ibiden, had reached an agreement where they agreed to manufacture all the merchandise with 100% renewable energy. And the good news is twofold because Ibiden has reached a innovative solution to also maximize the use of land in Japan: build one of the largest floating photovoltaic solar systems in the country, on a large wooden shipyard.

Lisa Jackson, Apple Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives said they were proud to be able to join a vendor that recognized that investments in renewable energy they were as good for business as they were for the environment.

“As we continue to power our global operations with 100% renewable energy, it is more important than ever to help our suppliers make the same transition to cleaner sources and set an example for other companies to follow.”

As if that were not enough, the plant will produce more renewable energy than is necessary to manufacture the Apple products (at least 12 MW of energy) and that means that a part of that energy will be destined to reduce, at the national level, carbon emissions.

Today 93% of Apple products are made with renewable energy. And that translates into the reduction of more than 13,800 tons of carbon per year.