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Apple raises the minimum price of the Apps to 0.99 euros

With this announcement, Manzana the price of their Apps nine months after it did so last October, when it already applied a slight rise from 0.79 cents to 0.89 euro cents. The increase has occurred in the majority of European countries, a total of 15, including Spain. In this way, the prices in euros are unified with those that Apple has in dollars so that they are located in the following range: free, 0.99 cents, 1.99 euros, 2.99 euros, 3.99 euros or 4 , 99 euros.

As can be seen today, the price of many Apps is still maintained, although some others have already begun to adopt the new prices. Manzana It has not specified dates on the new adoption. It is clear that the increase is not very large, only 10 euro cents. However, we are already at the charge limit of 1 euro per application, which for users can be a bit annoying.