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Apple may be considering including the USB 3.0 standard in the short term

comparative transfer speeds usb vs.  thunderbolt

According to VR-Zone, quite a few users of Manzana could be disappointed by the apparent loss of interest in the standard USB 3.0, motivated by the implementation of the standard Thunderbolt in the latest models of the company. However own Steve Jobs just a year ago said: “We do not see the USB 3.0. Not without support from Intel, for example. ”

Although no one dares to venture for when the interest in this data transfer protocol will become a reality, it looks like it could be before Intel integrates support for USB 3.0 on their processors. The speed of the new standard is up to ten times faster than the current USB 2.0 and it is hard to believe that Manzana is going to turn its back on such a widespread data transfer system. The question is when.

Intel has announced that the next chips Ivy bridge, announced for 2012, will be compatible with both USB 3.0 as with Thunderbolt, so they see both technologies as complementary.

With the latest Mac models updated more or less recently, we can only wait for the next generation of Mac Pro (the one that remains to be updated) to see if Manzana will include the USB 3.0 on these computers or will wait for the new processors Ivy bridge to integrate it into your architecture.