Apple launches the new Mac Pro

Apple could do without Intel chips in next generations of Macs

Apple could do without intel chips in next generations of mac
According to the Bloomberg Businessweek article: “Although change would be complicated and certainly not imminent, it would allow Manzana distinguish yourself from the other competitive laptops and desktops they use intel chips and Windows software. “

Manzana has been using intel chips since 2006, when it replaced them with the PowerPC manufactured by IBM that equipped their equipment until that date. In recent years it has also been rumored with a change to AMD chips although it has never been carried out in the computer main processor (yes regarding the graphics processor, equipping the Radeon HD cards).

In the case of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Apple uses different chips designed by the company itself, and it is not unreasonable to think that the company wants make your own chips for your desktops and laptops, following that line of differentiation that is giving such good results on mobile devices.