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Apple becomes the most demanded technology company

In addition to the litigation that transcends the public light, Apple is facing more and more complaints about patent infringement and miscellaneous matters. Although, Apple not only adopts a defensive position, it also chooses to sue for everything that it considers “detrimental to its interests.”

Doing a bit of memory, it is very likely that you remember some of the most popular, those of Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Creative, etc. But also those that Apple sends to other companies, such as Nokia, HyperMac or Sanho.

For all these reasons, Apple has become the most demanded technology company since 2008, which is why it is hiring the most recognized law firms in the United States to defend itself against everything related to patents and trademarks.

To channel it all, he has a full-time lawyer in Cupertino, Noreen Krall, who previously worked for Sun Microsystems.