Citrix DesktopPlayer improves virtualization on Macs

Apple announces record results with sales of 5.2 million Macs

iPods down

Unsurprisingly, iPods are on a downward trajectory due to the increased popularity of the iPhone and the limited number of new features introduced in the range (this year, the iPod touch and iPod nano have not evolved their hardware features). Even so, Apple has sold 15.4 million iPods (21 percent less than the same quarter last year), which is undoubtedly still a very important figure and represents quarterly revenue of $ 2.528 billion. To get an idea of ​​what the iPod still means, Macintosh revenue for the quarter totaled $ 6.598 billion (just 2.5 times more).

Apple TV Watch out for hobbies? … not yet

As a curious note, in the question session that follows the conference in which the results are published, Tim Cook has talked about Apple TV and how its sales have gone from 2.8 million units sold in fiscal year 2011 to sell 1.4 million in just one quarter. “It sounds impressive,” said Tim Cook. “But if you consider that in that same period Apple sold 5 million Macs, 15 million iPods, and 37 million iPhones, you can see why it’s still a hobby.” In the area of ​​income, the difference is even more pronounced, since Apple TV with its price of only 100 dollars generated revenues of 140 million dollars, compared to 24,000 million that generates, for example, the iPhone.

Other notes of interest

More than 85 million people They have signed up for iCloud, the cloud backup and synchronization service.

More than 600,000 copies of iBooks Author, the program to create electronic books, have already been downloaded. Downloads from the iTunes U App have reached 3 million downloads in just a few days. Apple has not yet released figures for the number of books downloaded or sold on the iBookstore.

Apple has given updated figures for the number of Apps in the App Store, It already contains more than 550,000 applications and of the total, there are 170,000 specific to the iPad. Apple has declared that by the end of January it will have already distributed 4,000 million dollars between the developers of Apps for iOS and its Mac App Store.