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Apple and Samsung decide to reduce their patent lawsuits

The legal battle between Samsung Y Manzana live a new episode, in this case positive. The two companies have been accusing each other for months of having infringed various technology patents related to their mobile devices. This confrontation has produced dysfunctions in the distribution of several products and has generated a tense relationship between the two companies.


Given that the confrontation was only intensifying, the two companies decided to meet to bring together positions after the suggestion of the US justice. Although a total solution is very complicated, representatives of Manzana Y Samsung They have met to try to find a solution to the confrontation. The two companies have sought to reduce tension and have taken the first steps to do so.

Samsung Y Manzana They have promised to reduce the volume of lawsuits that both had presented, so that the conflict, despite continuing, softens. According to El Mundo, the commitment of both companies is important and they will withdraw a significant number of lawsuits. Specific, Manzana plans to drop half of the lawsuits filed against Samsung, while the South Korean could go from 75 to 15 lawsuits against Manzana.

With this measure, the confrontation continues, but loses part of its magnitude. Both companies maintain their most prominent claims, which affect systems included in the latest generation mobiles. This first step can be part of the final solution since it could have created a first point of understanding between Manzana Y Samsung.