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Apple and its plans for 2016

The first big reveal of 2016 is likely to have to do with the second generation Apple Watch, accompanied by a watchOS update. Although there is extensive speculation about its new features (there is talk of a FaceTime camera or even 3D Touch capabilities that the new iPhones include), the features that it will eventually add are still unclear.

However, it seems obvious that the current features of the watch will be refined and it is also logical to expect that the new version will improve basic aspects such as the battery and the performance of the apps.

According to, it will also bring improvements in Wi-Fi capabilities and support a wider range of Bluetooth accessories, in addition to adding more features related to fitness tracking.

Of course, Manzana will also announce this year a new generation of iPhones, probably next fall, with a completely new design. If we listen to the rumors, it could announce a new four-inch model and, in this way, offer a more basic device to its fans.

Apple Pay It has been gaining ground in the US, with new agreements with banks and department stores. Widespread acceptance in stores is growing at a slower pace, and outside the United States, it is also struggling. This is the case of countries such as Australia, Canada and also Spain, since support for the payment system by card issuers is limited. Definitely, will try to expand the geographical scope of the system This is demonstrated by the agreement signed a month ago with UnionPay in China.

Another area of ​​development has to do with the mobile operating system, ios, which the company wants to make it consistent and keep it separate from OS X. Expanding iOS, through a wide range of form factors, its storage and processing power, are not easy tasks.

An area in which he will also emphasize will be business mobility. In this sense, it is growing thanks to the alliances it maintains with companies such as IBM or Cisco, which are driving the adoption of iOS devices in companies. There will be challenges in this area, as the firm has positioned itself as a leader in digital transformation through mobility.

But, if there is one thing for sure, it is that Apple in 2016 will have diversified product lines and services, an evolution that has occurred in recent years. That should give you a solid foundation to expand your sources of income and help you gain market share, especially in your business.