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Apple: 7 million yuan in humanitarian aid for China

Since last June it has not stopped raining in China. The worst floods in years have already affected more than 31 million people and 500 populations. It is estimated that there are still 1 million people with urgent needs and the situation in the Asian giant is dramatic.

Faced with this reality, Apple has decided that it was time to act. In agreement with humanitarian groups and the CFPA (China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) they have put to work. From Cupertino they have sent 7 million Yuan and the CFPA has ensured that it will guarantee the proper use of that donation.

It is not the first time that Apple has made donations in China. In that country they still remember that in the devastating earthquake of 2008, which affected the Sichuan region, Apple allocated 50 million yuan.

Tim Cook used the Chinese twitter (Weibo) last week to express his condolences to the Chinese people in the face of this disaster. It is common to see Apple making donations for different causes, these floods were no exception.