iPhone line up

Android mobiles beat the iPhone in Europe for the lowest prices

And it is that, despite the fact that Manzana could throw a iPhone cheap that would be aimed at emerging markets such as China or India, Stephen Richard has suggested that Manzana I would also have to suffer in the market European at the time of launching the iPhone cheap.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO of France Telecom highlighted that Europeans “think more about price” something that, in his opinion, has made Android lead the market European.

“Except for a few hundred thousand people who will buy the last iPhone, except for this category of user, most of the market will be difficult ”, highlighted the CEO of France Telecom, who has stressed that only a few consumers are looking to get the latest great device, while the rest are looking for low prices.

Stephane Richard has also highlighted that, along with the intention to spend less on a phone, European users are choosing to keep their old devices for longer. Moreover, in Europe there is not a large number of users who want to buy the latest device to be presented on the market, “something that will be evident when Manzana launch next iPhone. Selling a phone that costs $ 600 is getting more and more difficult ”.

In all this situation, the weakness of the European economy is playing a crucial role.