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It is important to keep the version of the applications and the operating system used updated because when they are created it is with the intention of improving the user experience. In this tutorial we will teach you two methods on how to update your Android device.

Explanation of how to Update your Android Device

As we have already mentioned, we will explain two somewhat different methods on how to update your Android device, both methods are regarding the software, nothing to do with the hardware.

Method 1

Step 1: If your device is not connected to the internet, connect it, preferably by Wi fi to avoid the enormous cost of data.

Step 2: Enter the “settings” menu, select the “about” option and you will see a submenu where the information about the Android device is.

Step 3: Once there select “update program” or what is the same in English “update software”.

Note: This will allow you to update only the Android operating system. If you want to update one or more applications, go to step 3.1.

Step 3.1: Enter the “application manager” and press the ones you want to update, if there is a more current version of the respective app, the option to update will appear.

Method 2:

This method consists of using the manufacturer’s website. We will explain by showing the example of a Samsung brand device.

Step 1: use your pc to enter the kies platform.

Step 2: connect your device to pc.

Step 3: In the kies tools menu select the option to download and install updates.

Step 4: disconnect your device.

Step 5: reboot the device.


This tutorial works for both smartphone and tablet as long as the operating system is Android. It has easy steps to follow for both method 1 and 2. Proving that doing software updates is easy and simple.