¿Cómo Configurar una Red VPN en Android?

Android How to set up a VPN network on Android Before continuing What is a VPN supposed to be? A…

Before continuing What is a VPN supposed to be? A virtual private network … end. No lie, a VPN is that a device connects to a local network using the Internet but in an encrypted way, the idea is that the information is encrypted so that security increases considerably.

How to configure a VPN network on Android?

We are going to follow this tutorial based on the fact that you already have all the VPN data you want to configure.

First of all you should go to the part of settings or configuration, then in the SIM or data management section (where is WiFi, etc) you should go to where it says “More” or “More settings”. To then go to VPN settings, here you must click on the plus sign that appears in the upper right.

Once you press there, a new screen appears where you will see the following data.

  • Name: Basically it serves to distinguish the settings in the menu when you have several VPNs, nothing more than that.
  • Kind: Here it depends on the type of VPN you are configuring, if you have the necessary data then it will be specified.
  • Server address: In this option you can put a DNS server or simply a public IP address, when you use your own domestic server, we recommend that you use a dynamic DNS service.
  • IPSec or Group identifier: Again if you have all the data, you must fill it out.
  • IPSec Pre-Shared Key: The cable is generally somewhat long but it is necessary that you add it and well, remember that any letter that you add incorrectly is already taken as wrong.
  • Once you finish we are almost there, now you will return to the previous screen and when you want to connect now if it will ask you what the username and password would obviously be to connect to the VPN.

We recommend you check the box that says “Save account information”So that in this way you do not have to constantly enter the access data.

When we are connected, an icon that has a key shape appears at the top of our Smartphone, which obviously means that we are connected, to disconnect simply go down the menu and press on it. Then a new window appears and here you can see how long it has been connected and at the same time if you want to disconnect you can do so through the button that says “Disconnect“… and it will not be through the one that says” Cancel “Or not?

As you will see, it is not difficult to connect to a VPN network, it is possibly more “complicated” to get the data than simply filling out a simple form on our Smartphone, although it is not difficult, it requires at least knowing what is being done to not go around touching things that obviously you should not touch.

Any questions you have you can leave us the same in the comments, as well as the suggestions.