Cómo Personalizar Dispositivos Android con el Módulo XBlast de XPosed

Android How to Customize Android Devices with XPosed’s XBlast Module If you have rooted your smartphone to improve its performance and…

If you have rooted your smartphone to improve its performance and personalize. But I don’t know where to start, Xposed is the answer. ¿How to Customize Android Devices with XPosed’s XBlast Module?

Xposed allows you to make system-level changes without having to mess with codes and custom roms. Xposed uses modules.

Small applications that connect directly to the Android operating system and give you unprecedented control over the appearance of your phone. It allows you to customize a ton of different things on your Android.

All of them categorized into sections such as Status bar, Navigation bar, Multitasking, Quiet hours, Driving mode, Phone settings, Carrier tag, Gradient settings and various others.

For example, in the Visual Settings section, in the keyboard area, you can choose a custom background color, a color for the keys, and / or the key text as well as disable the full screen keyboard.

Therefore, any changes made can be easily removed. just disabling the best Xposed modules and rebooting.

How to Customize Android Devices with XPosed’s XBlast Module?

  • Install the Xblast Tools (Android 4.0+ and ROOT)
  • First of all, you need rooted android as Xposed installer can only be installed on rooted android, so root your android to proceed.
  • After rooting your Android device, you need to install the Xposed installer on your android.
  • The next thing is to download Xposed Installer and install it.
  • We launch the application, go to the Framework section and click on Install / Update. If everything goes well, it will ask us to restart the computer.
  • We do it and we will have the device ready to start including modules in Xposed.
  • This Xposed framework module allows you to adjust numerous system settings.
  • Make your screen rotate 180 degrees when you flip the phone.
  • make the status bar transparent; Go ahead and put that clock in the center of your status bar.
  • With dozens of settings to tweak and customize, you won’t be out of options anytime soon.
  • You won’t have to install any special ROMs to enjoy those settings.
  • You should always look for modules based on the version of Android you use.
  • NEVER touch the build.prop Tweaks section while inside XblastTools.
  • Since you can seriously damage your equipment if you don’t know what you are modifying.

How to Install the Modules?

We just have to go to the section “Browse modules”There we will find the available modules that it has so far Xposed Framework.

As an example, “Xblast tools for aboved Android 4.0.3+”Which, as its name says, is for devices with the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 operating system onwards.

This module is for changing the status bar, navigation bar, sensors, button functions, clock, etc. With this module you can visually and physically customize your Android device.

After having downloaded the module on our device, we installed it like we did with the Xposed installer above.

Already installed, to be able to activate it we open again Xposed Framework and we press where it says “Modules”, Inside we can see the module that is installed in our device.

We check to activate it as we see in the image, then we return to “Framework“Where previously we gave”Install / Update”.

But this time we will only click where it says “Restart”So that it is finally activated and ready to use our module.