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Analysis: The iPhone 12’s Lag Is Unusual, But Not Unique

There are few things that can slow down an iPhone. It is Apple’s most important product. If it only sold the iPhone, the company would still be one of the biggest in the tech world. In other words, it is extremely important to Apple that new models are released on a regular basis.

But not even giants like Apple have been able to escape the coronavirus pandemic. Although the company has achieved record results so far, despite the global crisis, it still has to face its greatest challenge.

Fall is usually a very intensive time for Apple in terms of products. Not only is it when new iPhone models are introduced and shipped to millions of customers, but the same is true for new ones. Apple watch and the new iPads, as well as new accessories for all products. Before 2021, the first Mac with ARM processor.

In this new world, Apple has recently confirmed that the arrival of the iPhone 12 would be delayed. Apple CFO Luca Maestri said in the company’s quarterly report that its launch will take place two weeks later than usual.

Your announcement will likely occur as usual in September (although it will on-line, such as WWDC 2020), but buyers will not receive their new smartphones until October.

This is unusual, and some will even label it as dramatic. But it’s not the first time.

The iPhone XR, for example, was released weeks after the more expensive iPhone XS. And fans eager to own the Apple iPhone X flagship had to wait patiently until November 2017 to purchase it. Even a variant of the iPhone 4 was delayed: it took several months for the blank model to be purchased.

But there is a difference. The previous times Apple has had to delay an iPhone, there were other new models that consumers could buy in the meantime. The XS was available for those who couldn’t afford the XR (although it was more expensive). Those who didn’t want to wait for the X could buy the 8. And as for the iPhone 4, it was available in black from the start.

This time, the entire launch of the iPhone 12 is hanging by a thread, although Apple is trying to calm the anxiety of the company’s investors by saying it will only be a matter of a couple of weeks.

Some reports suggest that Apple is doing what it can to offer buyers something as before, perhaps splitting the launch in two to get it. Maybe you will launch the two 6.1 ”models in the first phase and then launch the other two models (5.4” and 6.7 ”) in the second. That will ease the pressure on your manufacturing and seem less disastrous than having to put off all the models.

In any case, we should have a new iPhone 12 this fall, even if it’s a little late. Apple won’t settle for anything else.

Original article published in MacWorld Sweden.