Apple sells more iPhones and iPads but falls in profits

All about iOS 6, AirPlay sound, Podcasts and browsers for iPhone on iPhoneWorld 13

all about ios 6, airplay sound, app for podcasts and browsers on iphoneworld 13

In addition to all the topics discussed in the previous paragraph, in the iPhoneWorld Magazine Issue 13, corresponding to Summer 2012, includes a practical article to fix the most common faults of your device ios, a report on how adapt an old iPad as an educational or leisure tool for your children, the second part of the Master iTunes practical and the tests of the new products for the iOS ecosystem.

In addition to the usual sections in the iPhoneWorld 13 you can find:


iOS 6

Find out what’s new in the operating system that will rule your iPhone in autumn.

Speakers with AirPlay

We thoroughly compare the 9 best speakers for your iPhone or iPad with Apple AirPlay technology.

GPS navigators

The best applications for GPS navigation and companions.

Repair your devices

The most common breakdowns and bumps and the best way to solve them.

The iPad and children

If you have thought about giving your old iPad to your children, do not stop reviewing these good tips.

Apps to listen to podcast