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AliExpress How to track or trace a purchase or shipment from Aliexpress Standard Shipping to any country? Aliexpress is one of the leading product shipping platforms …

Aliexpress is one of the leading buyer product shipping platforms on the Internet, and among the different shipping methods that we can find on the platform, one of the most important is the so-called Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

There are many people who decide on this, taking into account that it is a type of fast shipping, as well as free on a huge number of occasions. The system has been developed by Aliexpress itself to improve the waiting time of users.

Now if we don’t know how to track an order on Aliexpress Standard Shipping, all you have to do is keep reading, so that you can always know where your product is on the planet.

How to track shipping by Aliexpress Standard Shipping

The problem that occurs here is that the Aliexpress Standard Shipping tracking system more than once has generated inconvenience to users who want to know where their order is.

In the first instance we must point out that Aliexpress Standard Shipping has some companies that work for them, such as CainiaoConsidering that this allows them to send the products for free and very fast, at least much faster than China Post.

Beyond this detail, to track a package sent by Aliexpress Standard Shipping, there are two methods that we can consider:

The first and probably the simplest of them has to do with using the official Cainiao site to find out where the Aliexpress Standard Shipping order is, whether it is in the country of origin or destination.

For that you have to find the tracking code that the seller has to have provided you, placing it on this site, and then giving it to Track so that the system searches for it throughout the world.

Once i do, we will arrive at a URL that will show us all the events related to the shipment, if it is in the process of delivery, delivered, etc.

How to track a purchase by Aliexpress Standard Shipping

At that moment, The system will show you which is the country of destination of the product, so that you can enter the Post Office section of the particular country, obtaining more information about it still.

On the other hand, if you do not want to use the method that we have just taught you, you have to know that there are also others, such as the one that allows us to know the location of the Aliexpress Standard Shipping packages by using the application called Worldwide Shipping.

You have to download it directly from this link, adding the tracking code to know where the product is.

Have you been able to track your product with the Aliexpress Standard Shipping system thanks to this trick?