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Adobe updates Flash on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android due to a vulnerability

Adobe flash You keep logging security issues more often than you want. The Adobe system remains one of the preferred targets of hackers, who use flaws in the tool to penetrate systems and infect or disrupt their proper functioning.

adobe flash

The work of Adobe to go solving the incidents continues. The company has warned about a new failure in Flash that would allow attackers to access computers using a version of Flash without updating. Adobe has released a patch for your system that would prevent the exploitation of this vulnerability.

The company has explained that the problem affects the main systems running Flash. In this way, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android users should check the status of Flash and proceed to the installation of the latest version of the tool Adobe to ensure your safety.

Since Adobe have ensured that it is especially important to install this new version of Flash since a first case of attack through this vulnerability has been identified. Specifically, the company has identified cases of attempts to use this vulnerability through Internet Explorer and attachments in contaminated emails.