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Add sheet music to GarageBand

There are applications that are much more comfortable to compose and / or write scores and we can take advantage of them if they have the option to export to MIDI.

For example, Guitar pro is an excellent application that, although aimed at guitarists, allows you to write the score of the other instruments: piano, bass, drums, saxophone, etc. In addition to composing, there are thousands of Guitar Pro files on the Internet with the sheet music of the most popular songs.

A very interesting detail for us is that the result can be exported to a MIDI file. To do this, once you have finished writing the music, in the File menu, display the Export submenu and choose the MIDI option to save the file.

Once this step is done you can close Guitar pro or whatever program you are using and start GarageBand.

To convert your MIDI file into a GarageBand song:

  1. Create a new project, it can be empty or have a track with the instrument you are going to use.
  2. You open the Finder window in which you have saved the MIDI file.
  3. You drag this one over the hint area, below the original hint.
  4. A new track will be created for each instrument that was originally on the MIDI track, in the case of Guitar Pro and with tracks that had notes on the G scale (treble) and on the F scale (bass), each scale appears as a separate track.
  5. You can now use the imported tracks as the background of your song.