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A short circuit exploded the batteries of the Galaxy Note 7: Report …


It’s official, we already know why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploded, and as rumored, the problem was in the batteries. Flaws in the design and construction of the batteries made the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode.

As you read: As stated by Samsung in a statement, a problem in the design and the welding caused a short circuit that finally caused the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to burn, as can be seen in the following official Samsung infographic explaining the problem in detail:

The data: 700 engineers participated in the Samsung investigation, who examined more than 200 thousand terminals and 30 thousand batteries. A group of experts led by scientists from Stanford, Cambridge and Berkeley Universities also participated, an aspect highlighted by DJ Koh, President, Mobile Communications Business Unit, Samsung Electronic:

“In recent months, together with independent organizations of industry experts, we have conducted a comprehensive investigation to find the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents,” said Koh. “Today, more than ever, we are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in security.”

Are Samsung mobiles safe?

After knowing the results of the investigation, it is already known that Samsung’s new high-end mobile should be presented in the coming months, perhaps even in the Mobile World Congress 2017 where we may see the Samsung Galaxy S8, the most recurrent question that users ask themselves and if Samsung phones are safe.

It is striking that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire with both battery models, because remember that in some models (distributed in China) a Chinese supplier was the one who made them, while in the rest of the countries the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had batteries made by Samsung SDI … The issue is that knowing the causes of the problem is the first step, the fundamental one, to prevent a similar problem from happening again, and it is clear that Samsung’s next big launch has to be, and will be, successful: Samsung cannot afford even the slightest failure.

What will happen to the Note range?

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The death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, in the tragic conditions that surrounded it, may mean the final death of the Note category. Yes and no … On the one hand, Samsung may prefer to use a different nomenclature for its new models, to bury the battery incident once and for all.

Let’s see, if the Note were to be extinguished as a category it would be a shame, because it has been well accepted in the market, where the Note opened a niche of large screens and pencils with software designed to capture freehand notes … Let’s remember that many tried keep up with Samsung, but the Note knockoffs never made enough noise to seduce consumers who already wanted a phablet and were thinking of a Note.

Will the Note category die forever? It is a matter of time to confirm it, but knowing that we already have the results of the “autopsies” on the Note 7 and that it is clear where the error was, it is very possible that the company will focus on incorporating all kinds of novelties in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and then we wonder: Will we see an S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy S8? We’ll see…