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A patent granted to Apple could put the sale of ultrabooks at risk

One month ago, Manzana received the concession of a patent referring to the lines of the exterior design of its MacBook Air, which has led the Intellectual Property Office, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to show its concern about the possible legal problems that could arise for some local manufacturers in case their designs were similar in appearance to the well-known team of Manzana.

In fact, Xue Shuhua, a spokesperson for the aforementioned office, said that from the same they are recommending that manufacturers be cautious with their designs. Likewise, this spokeswoman used as an example of these possible inconveniences, those suffered by HTC when it comes to taking some of its new smartphones to the United States due to complaints of Manzana before the authorities.

As part of its actions in this regard, the office plans to organize a meeting with the different manufacturers, although the date and the content or the participants of the meeting are unknown.

Some of these guests to the meeting could be Asus or Acer, although neither of the two firms has made any official communication in this regard.

In any case, this move by the Taiwanese authorities joins others made previously, such as the announcement last year of the intention to create an intellectual property bank to acquire patents in the Asian country, as a way to protect their companies. problems due to possible patent infringements.