A look at two Synology storage solutions for business


Synology’s RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas are high availability servers for businesses that offer great scalability, superior performance and access to data backups at any time.

“Maintaining server uptime is key to ensuring maximum productivity and minimizing costs in today’s businesses. The high availability cluster design of the RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas represents an ideal storage solution for companies looking for uninterrupted business continuity, scalability and comprehensive data protection tools, ”said Michael Wang, Product Manager by Synology Inc.

The RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas provide next-generation features such as a high availability cluster design. By combining two compute servers and multiple storage units in a single highly available cluster, the RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas offer high data availability and security. With an active-passive cluster structure, services automatically switch from one server to another if one of them unexpectedly disconnects.

With the RXD1215sas you also get scalability of up to 180 disk drives and 1PB. Up to fifteen RXD1215sas can be connected to the two compute nodes of the RC18015xs +, allowing a massive scalability capacity of up to 180 disk drives and a large raw storage capacity of more than 1PB.

In addition, “snapshot” technology for instant file copies allows data recovery at any time. The RC18015xs + uses “snapshot” technology to allow businesses to capture snapshots of backups.. This process is done automatically every 5 minutes and does not take up system resources. This technology can also customize the file retention policy to accumulate up to 256 recovery points per hour, day or week.

These machines also have next-generation storage efficiency. By implementing the Btrfs file system, the RC18015xs + perform quota control of shared folders and user accounts, and checks the integrity of the embedded data.

In addition to the above features, RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas guarantee performance of over 2,270 MB / s and 355,400 IOPS, an 8 GB ECC RAM memory (expandable up to 32 GB), a PCI Express 3.0 with up to 8 slots for the installation of a 10GbE network interface card (NIC), as well as hardware redundancy mechanisms – such as SAS modules , SAS patch cables, power supplies – to eliminate single points of failure in the network.

Synology offers a five-year warranty for the RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas, and in select countries, users can avail Synology Replacement Service (Synology Replacement Services, SRS). The computers run on DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.2, the most intuitive and advanced operating system for network-attached storage, offering a host of applications for greater productivity at work.

Synology’s RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas are available for sale worldwide starting at € 3,672.35 and € 3,146, respectively (including VAT). It should be noted that the RC18015xs + and RXD1215sas are intended to work with a high availability cluster. A minimum of two RC18015xs + and one RXD1215sas expansion unit are required for normal operation.