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A first look at the box that the iPhone 12 will go in

It may seem somewhat trivial to focus on, but seeing the iPhone 12 packaging has given us more information than we expected. Not because we care about its appearance, although one expert has stated that it will be exquisite, but because it has many points to take into account.

On the client side, the size and design of the packaging dictates what can be included. And the “box insert” (in other words, the inside, rather than the decorated cardboard exterior) that was leaked online this week clearly doesn’t have room for many accessories. It’s strong evidence that, as has been rumored for a while, the iPhone 12 won’t include headphones or a charger.

The iPhone will sit, as usual, on top of the insert. The square space closest to the “camera” will contain a stiff paper package with documentation, stickers, and the SIM removal tool; the round space on the other side will contain a coiled lightning cord rather than sadly the wireless charging pad that some excited commenters have suggested.

For the company, the opportunity to redesign the phone’s package is a huge potential savings. Leaving out headphones and chargers is a savings in itself, but this also allows for the package to be thinner and lighter, which means a reduction in materials and shipping costs.

When you have to manufacture and ship millions and millions of phones, a seemingly small economy at the unit level translates into a significant improvement in a company’s bottom line.

(Looking at it from a more altruistic point of view, producing less paper and e-waste and reducing the transportation burden is a big win too. I understand that some readers may be cynical that this is a major reason behind this decision.)

We have put camera in quotes because this is not, as you may have guessed, a photo. It’s just a 3D rendering, and therefore comes with a bit more doubt about its authenticity – although ConceptsiPhone, which posted the image, insists that it comes from a “really reliable source.” MacRumors, on the other hand, claims to feel “a little skeptical about its veracity.”

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Original article published in English on Macworld UK.